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Impala on Hue failed after configure LDAP

Impala on Hue failed after configure LDAP

New Contributor


I'm new user on Hue


I have configured LDAP (using Active Directory) integrate with Hue, Hive, Impala for authentication

both Hue, Hive can work properly but impala have following error 




btw, when I use impala-shell connected with option -l (use ldap authentication) it can work.

I don't know how to handle this issue, please help me.


best regards.



Re: Impala on Hue failed after configure LDAP

Super Guru



Did you configure Hue to use LDAP authentication to Impala?  If you have Kerberos enabled, I'd recommend sticking with that as the internals should be worked out automatically to allow the "hue" user (hue) to impersonate the users who have logged into Hue.


Based on the error, it appears you may have configured hue with:





If that is the case, then the Hue role will attempt to authenticate to Impala and then impersonate the user who logged into the Hue interface (which appears to be "mojdev")


Impala is not configured, by default, to allow impersonation by "mojdev" user; rather, it is configured to allow impersonation by the user named "hue".




If you have follow-up questions, please let us know your Hue configuration for Impala.