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Impala truncate doesn't move to HDFS trashcan

New Contributor

In documentation on impala truncate command ( it is said that trucate moves files to hdfs trashcan.
My tests shows that truncate deletes files without moving to hdfs trashcan.
I suppose truncate is handled by method "truncateTable" in class "org.apache.impala.service.CatalogOpExecutor", it deletes files without moving to trashcan.

The error is in documentation or i've misconfigured impala?
P.S. Deleting without moving to trashcan is best option, hope documentation would be fixed)


Master Collaborator
My long term observation is exactly the same, Impala removes the files without moving them into trashcan. Somewhere I read that the move to the trashcan is just a specific feature of shell commands, to prevent accidental delete. Otherwise all the "service" triggered deletes to the NameNode are without this safety net.

I filed a docs JIRA to track this:


Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

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