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Impala with Load Balancer - not all nodes/daemons participating....but healthy


Hello -

We recently and installed HAProxy for a load balancer for Impala.  We have 5 worker/data nodes that have the impala daemon running.


After four days....when I look at the workload summary, i can only see 4 coordinators/nodes that have any queries. There is one 1 node that doesn't appear to be serving/accepting queries...but the health on the node/role is good.


Also, there doesn't seem to be an even distribution of queries on the other nodes.  One has run over 50%, one 30% and then the other two about 10% each.


Is there any way for us to identify the issues:

   1.  Why doesn't the fifth node run/accept queries

   2.  why are the distributions so far off???






This might be depending on how HAProxy is setup. Maybe you want to share the HAProxy configuration file?
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