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Impersonation - Cloudera 5.13

New Contributor

Hi there,

I am seeking for the proper step to allow impersonation.

I am trying to achieve impersonation by allowing sdc from external system to create table and insert data using the default cloudera user.

This is my test environment (Cloudera VMware - Quickstart.cloudera  5.13)

cat /usr/lib/hadoop/cloudera/ shows this:

# Autogenerated build properties

So basically, I want the core-site.xml file to have these entries:


Instead of editing the core-site.xml file directly from the filesystem, I edited in from Clouder Manager by going through these steps below:

1. Go to Cloudera Manager. Click on HDFS on the left panel
2. Go to to the Configuration tab
3. On the left panel, under the SCOPE, click on HDFS (Service-Wide)
4. On the left panel, under the CATEGORY, click on Advanced
5. On the main panel, expand Cluster-wide Advanced Configuration Snippet (Safety Valve) for core-site.xml
6. Key in the name,value pair;
   - hadoop.proxyuser.sdc.hosts and *
   - hadoop.proxyuser.sdc.users and cloudera
7. Save the changes
8. Restart the stale services

Here are few questions:

1. Say if the changes are properly picked up, which main core-site.xml will it write to (as there are few of them)?


2. If the impersonation is set up properly, when the user sdc runs impersonation as cloudera, should the file created in /user/hive/warehouse owned by the user, cloudera or should it show up as anonymous? If I still see the file being created under the user, anonymous, can I safely conclude that the impersonation didn't work?


Can anyone see why after the restart, all files create are still belonging to the user, anonymous? Where step did I miss?