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Import very large amount of data to Hive


Import very large amount of data to Hive

New Contributor

am planning to use a stack which uses Hadoop, Hive and Impala for analysing big data. I have the setup ready and now I am trying to import data from a MySQL table. The table size is more than 500 GB and I am planning to use Sqoop as follows


sqoop import --connect jdbc:mysql://remote_host_ip/database_name 
--username user_name -P
--table table_name
--as-parquetfile --warehouse-dir=/user/hive/warehouse -m 1


Now the main issue here is I need to transfer more than 500 GB of data from a remote server to the one which has hadoop installation. Is there any better method for doing this  ? Is it possible to compress the data somehow and reduce the size? 

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