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Importing unix groups in to ranger groups/queue


1) Can we import unix groups (group 1, group 2 etc) in to Ranger as groups direclty

2) Can we directly have yarn queues as per unix group ? Like group1 queue , group 2 queue

3) If user 1 is part of two yarn queues(queue1 and queue2) at the same time, which queue will user1 be allocated to?


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Ranger supports importing unix users and groups using /etc/passwd and /etc/groups files. And Ranger policies can be configured at the group level as well for all the services like hdfs, yarn, hive, etc...

For Question#3, it is up to yarn to allocate queue to the user. Ranger only authorizes the access for the user based on the configured policies.


Regarding yarn queues, how will yarn allocate resource to user , when it's part of multiple queues?

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