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Impossible to launch yarn application (with spark or Hive)

New Contributor



I'm using a hadoop-spark cluster

 I have errors when I'm trying to run Spark applications on Yarn the error says "spark context was shutdown" 

When I increase the Spark.driver.memory to 3 or 4Go no error but for my Hive requests on Hue I dont know the equivalent parameter to increase it so any results for all requests, they seems freeze.

I think there is a global parameter on Yarn side to fix all that but I don't know which it is.


Also I can't launch Hive on command line Ihive an error which says something like a problem with application master.


Could anyone help me please ?




Cloudera Employee



Could you please share the Entire Error stacktrace so that it would give an idea on the full error and it would be useful for our analysis?



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