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Inconsistent CPU info in Ambari Dashboard and in YARN tab



Just curious, I think there is a bug with the information of CPU usage in the YARN tab because it is not consistent with the information displayed by top. My cluster is idle but the figure shows CPU usage up to 60%.

So is it a bug or do I have any mis-understanding on the meaning of the figure? Thanks for clarify.

On the dashboard:


On YARN tab which say CPU info across all NodeManagers:


With top (the time is shifted one hour because of the NTP server, it should be at 14, not 13):



Super Guru

did you check the Resource manager UI 8088/cluster

Resource Manager JMX 8088/jmx

I am curious what value they are showing

Do you see any errors in the logs?

Super Guru

Read this article and check your configuration

Vcores may not map to actual hardware and all CPUs may not be made available to Hadoop


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