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Increment ordered xml values with Nifi

Increment ordered xml values with Nifi

New Contributor

I have a xml file containing this data:


I am able to use SplitXml + EvaluateXPath to populate attributes and then ReplaceText to get the data into this output format:

IntervalLength, LoadValue, TimeData

Like a boss!

Now I have a requirement to increment the TimeData value by applying the IntervalLength value. So for each LoadValue encountered in the xml I need to add 5 mins (or whatever value is present in IntervalLength) to the TimeData value. The order of the LoadValues is important. The desired output is:

IntervalLength, LoadValue, TimeData

Notice the minutes in the last column increasing by 5 for each record.

Any suggestions? The ideal solution would not use any custom coding (processor or scripts). I need to replace a legacy custom code solution which is unsupportable so replacing it with more custom code is not desirable.


Re: Increment ordered xml values with Nifi

Rising Star

@jtrite One thought I had was to use the UpdateAttribute processor with expression language, however it may be helpful to add a bit more data to the row beforehand (e.g. an Index column starting at 0 for the first row, 1 for second, etc). In the UpdateAttribute processor you could convert the TimeData to a number and do some math (e.g. TimeData + (Index * IntervalLength)). Check out this doc's example that uses now() function to get the current date time and subtracts 24 hours from it . I think you could do something similar like ${timeData:toNumber():plus(index:multiply(intervalLength)} , but you probably need to convert intervalLength to milliseconds first and then do a final conversion of the result back to a date format .

Now the above is assuming that each row represents a flow file that has these values as attributes. If that's not the case perhaps splitting the rows in advance and merging them later would help.

I hope this is helpful!

Re: Increment ordered xml values with Nifi

New Contributor

Hi sir, how did you make to get all the LoadValue Node. In my case i can only get the first LoadValue. Thank you.

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