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Infrastructure creation issue in GCP with Cloudbreak

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I've been having an issue using Cloudbreak 2.4 within GCP to create an HDF cluster.

I'm using a service account that appears to have all of the proper permissions, including the one indicated below in the error. I even went as far as providing the owner role for this service account to over provision permissions. Cloudbreak begins to create the infrastructure, then I get the error below:

Infrastructure creation failed. Reason: Error during status check: [ resourceType: GCP_DISK, resourceName: hdf-test, stackId: 5, operation: hdftest-s-2-20180323123311 ] [ Cause message: 403 Forbidden { "code" : 403, "errors" : [ { "domain" : "global", "message" : "Required 'compute.globalOperations.get' permission for 'projects/*******/global/operations/operation-1521808391647-56813a099af18-300f33eb-8a28c20c'", "reason" : "forbidden" } ], "message" : "Required 'compute.globalOperations.get' permission for 'projects/*******/global/operations/operation-1521808391647-56813a099af18-300f33eb-8a28c20c'" } ]

It would appear that the service account does not have permission to use the disk that is created during the process, hdftest-s-2-20180323123311. Has anyone else run into this problem or have some suggestion of what to look for / how to move forward? I'm simply not sure what I'm missing at this point - it seems quite obvious, but I haven't been able to fix it.




Thanks Richard! It worked.

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As Richard said we only haven an RC version so 2.4.1 is not released yet, but hopefully next week you can upgrade simply by calling the cbd upgrade.


Hi, after i update to 2.4.1-rc.27. It has seup cluster on GCS done. I can access Ambari to config, but in Cloudbreak it still show "Update InProcess" (It show in 2 days ago to now). And in detail it show some node not register (But in Ambari it has controlled all node).


And because cluster status in "Update in process", so i can resize. Please fix this, Many Thanks!

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@Shant Hovsepian the upgrade couldn't be done by a cbd command because we have only RC release that contains the necessary fix. You could install it by running the following curl command:

curl -LO$(uname)_x86_64.tgz

@Huy Duong Cloudbreak manages Ambari and all of the cloud resources. In your case something went wrong at the orchestration or the Ambari cluster installation phase. This also could happen if you modify something config manually instead of waiting for Cloudbreak to install something.

For any investigation the logs and the event history would be necessary, but it is definitely not related to the changes of Google APIs.

You can now use cbd update to upgrade to 2.4.1. See Cloudbreak 2.4.1 docs.