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Initial Installation of Cloudera Manager 7.0stopped responding. Now can't reinstall.

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Cloudera Manager 7 is already installed. Please uninstall it (by running /usr/share/cmf/ before attempting to install it again. 

And a window that says Incomplete Installation : We will revert the changes that we made.


I tried running the script on my terminal.


Expert Contributor

Hi @shahabas ,


I am assuming that you are following the steps here:


I just did an install, uninstall and then a reinstall of Cloudera Manager just fine. Are you able to share any more information on the problem that you are facing?




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base) as@shahabas:/opt/cloudera$ cd installer/
(base) as@shahabas:/opt/cloudera/installer$ sudo
[sudo] password for as:
sudo: command not found

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Hi @shahabas ,


Are you missing a ./ from in front of the command?


Could you try:



cd /opt/cloudera/installer/

sudo ./






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(base) as@shahabas:/opt/cloudera/installer$ sudo ./[sudo] password for as:
./ 2: exec: ./.mojosetup/mojosetup: not found

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I'm not sure what is going on with your installation or why you can't see to run the relevant commands. The mojosetup is in this location:




; ;