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Input / Output error when using HDFS NFS Gateway

Input / Output error when using HDFS NFS Gateway


Getting "Input / output error" when trying work with files in HDFS NFS. This is despite having set dfs.namenode.accesstime.precision=3600000 in Ambari. For example, doing something like...

$ hdfs dfs -cat /hdfs/path/to/some/tsv/file | sed -e "s/$NULL_WITH_TAB/$TAB/g" | hadoop fs -put -f - /hdfs/path/to/some/tsv/file
$ echo -e "Lines containing null (expect zero): $(grep -c "\tnull\t" /nfs/hdfs/path/to/some/tsv/file)"

when trying to remove nulls from a tsv then inspect for nulls in that tsv based on the NFS location throws the error, but I am seeing it in many other places (again, already have dfs.namenode.accesstime.precision=3600000). Anyone have any ideas why this may be happening or debugging suggestions? Can anyone explain what exactly "access time" is?

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