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Insert/Update using routeonattribute to determine


Insert/Update using routeonattribute to determine


Hey, so I want to use a flow(open to change) that goes like this:

QueryDatabaseTable(Oracle source) =>


RouteonAttribute =>

[ PutDatabaseRecord(insert) => PutdatabaseRecord(update)](IBM/DB2)

I want to use the Route on Attribute to flow directly to the PutDatabaseRecord based on the Primary Key of the Tables.

i.e if the PK exists, route to Update and if it doesn't route to Insert.

Any Help would be greatly appreciated.


Re: Insert/Update using routeonattribute to determine

Super Guru

@Louis Ballgae

Not sure how we can determine insert and update records using RouteOnAttribute processor.

Once try with the approach mentioned in this answer and let us know if you find any issues..

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