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Install Cloudera Cluster on AWS? x/post from r/hadoop

Install Cloudera Cluster on AWS? x/post from r/hadoop

New Contributor

I'm trying to create a 4 node Hadoop cluster on AWS using the Cloudera distribution for learning purposes.

I've done it manually (without Cloudera) and ended up spending more time just learning about Linux/Networking/Matching correct software versions etc. and less time using Hadoop/Map Reduce/Hive, which is what I really want to focus on.

I'd much rather learn these Hadoop technologies in a multi node cluster environment instead of a single node VM. I feel like I'm not really learning everything when it's just a single node. I also want to work with the Cloudera distro in particular and use HUE.

I've found videos/articles from a few years ago that reference being able to set up a Cloudera Live account and run it on AWS, however I can't find anything like that on Cloudera's website anymore.

Does anyone have advice? Can this be done relatively simply and low cost? Are there better ways to practice on a multi node cluster using Cloudera?



Re: Install Cloudera Cluster on AWS? x/post from r/hadoop

Expert Contributor
One option you may have missed would be the Cloudera QuickStart images to play with, see

But this is for single instance testing only.

For installing a multiple node test cluster in the cloud the following Cloudera blog articles may help you:

You may also want to try the Cloudera Altus product 30 day trial, see