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Install Spark service after using package based installations

Install Spark service after using package based installations


Is it possible to instal apache spark with out using parcel ? I am using Cloudera Manager 5.5.1 and CDH 5.5.0. I 've done the following steps to set up a five node cluster..


1) Install the cloudra manager

2) Logged into the amdin console

3) Added the cluster (without spark)

4) Added spark service from the "Add service Wizard"


I can see that spark is installed on all my nodes ( I can run spark-shell and it successfully lunch the required shell)

But in the admin console if I go to Clusters -> Spark -> Instances then it only shows that the History Server is started and Gateway N/A. 


At this point if I go so spark specific service page and then click on  Actions > Download Client Configuration, the download client configuration option is disabled.


If I go to the spark instances page and select "start" from the Action for Selected dropdown it gives me the below error

Command Start is not currently available for execution


 What am I doing wrong here? Do I need to install CDH from spark in order to make it work?