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Install nifi on amabari HDP 26.4

New Contributor


How can i simply installa and get nifi on ambari ?

I try this :

But i can't get the nifi's interface

Please help, i can't finish the tutorial


Hey @Moustapha MOUSSA SALEY!
AFAIK, you won't be able to install NIFI on HDP.
Instead of using HDP, you can try to download and setup a HDF environment.

Hope this helps!

Master Guru


You can install HDF on top of an existing HDP installation but there are certain requirements as far as compatibility goes. You will need to be using an Ambari version that is support by both the HDP and HDF versions you are going to be using.


Start by looking at the HDF support metrics:


You will see what Ambari versions are supported and what HDF service are not supported when loaded on top of HDP.


Then there are links for installation of HDF on top of HDP:



Thank you,



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