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Install packages for HDP upgrade



While installing packages for hdp upgrade on one of the nodes, we see the attached error. In the New versions, I don't see the version I am going to install. Here the old and New versions are both same. I checked hdp-select command, it is working good and pointing to the correct old version.



Super Mentor


By any chance are you selecting the "Redhat satellite channel" checkbox while installing ? Sometimes if the redhat satellite repo is incorrect then this might happen.

Or the "hdp-select" command is not installed on the host.

Please check if the problematic host has any HDP package installed? If not then please check if the "/etc/yum.repos.d/HDP.repo" and "HDP-UTILS" repo URLs are correct.

If repos are correct then check if you are able to install "hdp-select" manually on that host?

# yum install hdp-select -y
# above package should be showing the correct version of hdp-select.



Hi Jay,

It is resolving to the new repo. I can install the packages manually. If you see in the attached image, I wonder how the latest version info not having in the "New versions:" field. Other machines have resolved toerror1.jpg the latest version. If you can see the attached image other machines have resolved the New version. hdp-select is working good.