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Install the Kafka package from the command line in cloudera quickstart VM 5.13

Hi All,


I have tried to install the kafka package into the quickstart VM 5.13 using the below commands


  1. Navigate to the /etc/yum.repos.d directory.
  2. wget
  3. sudo yum clean all
  4. sudo yum install kafka
  5. sudo yum install kafka-server

i have installed kafka server suceesfully.

6) sudo service kafka-server start. Here I'm getting  error saying "kafka-server:unrecognized service "

7) In this path /etc/kafka/conf/ I could see the broker Id: 0

8) when i  type is connected successfully.



I am trying to create topics in Kafka by following the guide on  cloudera -apache Kafka through command line. While running the command:

/usr/bin/kafka-topics --create --zookeeper hostname:2181/kafka --replication-factor 2
--partitions 4 --topic topicname


I get the below errors as follows:


Error while executing topic command replication factor: 1 larger than available
brokers: 0
kafka.admin.AdminOperationException: replication factor: 1 larger than available
brokers: 0


Could you someone please help me how to fix this error?

please tell me steps to start the kafka server correctly and how to  fix the create topic error?