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Installation of Storm 3.1 Fails because Slider 3.1 not found.


While enabling kerberos on Ambari managed hadoop cluster we faced error at the last stage, when services are started. It failed at Slider Install step, with the following error.

2018-06-05 16:17:28,171 - Execution of '/usr/bin/yum -d 0 -e 0 -y install storm_3_1_0_0_564-slider-client' returned 1. Error: Package: storm_3_1_0_0_564-slider-client- (HDF-3.0-repo-1)

Requires: slider_3_1_0_0_564

Existing version of slider and storm

]$ sudo yum list | grep storm
storm_2_6_3_0_235-slider-client.x86_64        @HDP-2.6-repo-1
atlas-metadata-storm-plugin.noarch        HDP-2.6-repo-1
ranger-storm-plugin.noarch            HDF-3.0-repo-1
ranger_2_6_3_0_235-storm-plugin.x86_64        HDP-2.6-repo-1
ranger_3_1_0_0_564-storm-plugin.x86_64        HDF-3.0-repo-1
storm.noarch                          HDF-3.0-repo-1
storm-slider-client.noarch            HDF-3.0-repo-1
storm_2_6_3_0_235.x86_64              HDP-2.6-repo-1
storm_3_1_0_0_564.x86_64              HDF-3.0-repo-1
storm_3_1_0_0_564-slider-client.x86_64        HDF-3.0-repo-1
]$ sudo yum list | grep slider
slider_2_6_3_0_235.noarch            @HDP-2.6-repo-1
storm_2_6_3_0_235-slider-client.x86_64        @HDP-2.6-repo-1
slider.noarch                        HDP-2.6-repo-1
storm-slider-client.noarch            HDF-3.0-repo-1
storm_3_1_0_0_564-slider-client.x86_64        HDF-3.0-repo-1

There doesn't seem to be a slider rpm available with HDF repo binaries.

1. Is it possible to skip the upgrade of Storm via HDF repo ?


Cloudera Employee

@Bhanu Pamu

It seems this is because of the Bug ( You can disable the HDF repository to workaround this issue simply.