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Installing HDFS HA CDH5


I really have a question, I am trying to cinfigure a hadoop cluster for the first time with CDH5. As I am installing HA cluster for this Do I really need to install everything on the second node which should be idle;


I mean by everything hdfs, YARN resources, histpry, NFSv3, ... etc which I already installed all of these services on just one machine as my cluster is pretty small is just for educational goals. 


If so, this means that I need to install even the other components as well including Pug, Avro, Hive, ... etc on both nodes it is a bit missy this HA cluster, and really takes a lot of time.


My second question, is there easier way to configure all of this including the HA, can I do this with Cloudera Interface?



Expert Contributor
Pardon me if I didn't understand your questions properly but here are my

#1: No you don't need to install other things on the second node. Just the
namenode HA infrastructure. Rest of the components (hive, etc.) should be
able to talk to the backup namenode if/when it takes over.

#2: Yes, Cloudera Manager helps you manage and configure Namenode (i.e.