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Installing Pydoop on CDH QuickStart Cluster

Installing Pydoop on CDH QuickStart Cluster

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I have configured a 4-node CDH cluster of the newest release (which I think is 5.5 as of this writing), following the instructions at:



I am using Ubuntu Server 14.04 LTS, and I followed all the instructions in the above link, so my cluster is configured as "default."


Everything works fine, but I am having issues installing Pydoop on my cluster. I am currently using: "sudo pip install pydoop"


The error I am getting is "java home not found, try setting JAVA_HOME." However, I have properly set the JAVA_HOME, pointing to the location Cloudera automatically installs in. FYI, I have set the variable in .bashrc, so it is definitely set before I run the command. It is also set in the root .bashrc.


1.) Has anyone installed Pydoop on their CDH QuickStart cluster? If so, can you please provide insight as to how to install?

2.) The Pydoop website mentions that I try altering the JAVA_HOME in, but I am unsure where that file is, as Cloudera installed everything for me.

3.) The website has a few mroe suggestions for how to troubleshoot this, but I am unsure what exactly my symptoms are, so I am unsure how to proceed.


Hoping someone out there has experience with Pydoop and CDH. Thanks!


FYI, the installation instructions for Pydoop are at:



Re: Installing Pydoop on CDH QuickStart Cluster

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I set up a websit  on CDH using Flask. then I finished, I cannot launch HDFS, fail log report: cannot find java_home.

I think the env file has been modified.

is there any solution by using parcle? 

Re: Installing Pydoop on CDH QuickStart Cluster

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What output do you get when you try to echo $JAVA_HOME from the terminal you're using to run Pydoop?