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Installing SolrCloud 7 in/on Azure HDInsight Linux/RServer 3.6


Installing SolrCloud 7 in/on Azure HDInsight Linux/RServer 3.6

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First time poster. I was curious to know if anyone has installed Solrcloud via the Azure portal. As its cloud, I was also curious to know how to choose the onsite or cloud version. I have read in another question that the choice is made when you start it up, but if I am operating in Azure I'm not sure if this is the right context (meaning I'm not sure if I'm actually starting it manually, I am assuming its starting as a service once installed?), or in my case, is it started, and the choice to choose SolrCould made when I first connect to it through the browser window?

I've only just started looking at this, so total beginner. I understand I install it through a script action according to this article....

...but it does not address the choice between on-prem or cloud. Unfortunatly, I cannot just go ahead and try this out because the group want to make sure we are doing the right thing before we potentially mess up our development HDInsight cluster. Again, I'm just getting started, so I apologise if my questions are a little basic.

Thank you for any help given.

Kind regards,


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