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Installing cloudera Mangaer

Installing cloudera Mangaer

New Contributor

Hello everone,

                     I have a query. I am interested to know whether hadoop, mahout and spark, are all these included in cloudera manager or CDH or should I install them separately. 

                    Please tell me how to install mahout,spark and hadoop on the same system.


Re: Installing cloudera Mangaer



These are all included in CDH since CDH 5.0.0. CDH 4 is missing Spark, but has the other 2. Hadoop and Spark can be managed by Cloudera Manager. Mahout has no server-side components and you will not see it in Cloudera Manager, but you can still run mahout jobs on the cluster. Mahout is just a client library.




Re: Installing cloudera Mangaer

New Contributor
is it enough if I have downloaded quickstart VM, I will be able to use
spark,hadoop and mahout or should I use cloudera manager?