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Installing & managing R via Ambari in a kerberized cluster?

Expert Contributor

Can we Install and manage R in a kerberized cluster? Do R libraries support Kerberos?

Any documentation available?


@Manish Gupta

Yes, you can connect to kerberized cluster through R. Refer below HCC link:

Expert Contributor

Interesting! These steps are talking about:

  • Download R server
  • Use R to install Rserver
  • Download rhive library
  • Set the appropriate path for HIVE_HOME and HADOOP_HOME
  • Change directory to RHive
  • Use ant to build
  • Use R to build RHive, this will build a file within the same directory

Where are steps to configure R-server for Kerberos? Does it not need any kerberos related settings? No kinit etc..?

I noticed that the connect string has kerberos related variables though. Is it really good enough?

rhive.connect(host=";principal=hive/;AuthMech=1;;KrbServiceName=hive;KrbRealm=HDP.COM", defaultFS="hdfs://", hiveServer2=TRUE,updateJar=FALSE))
; ;