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Instance Status stuck in requested

Instance Status stuck in requested

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I was testing adding a node in cluster (cloudbreak 1.6 - via aws) and it's getting stuck at:

cloudbreak_1 | 2016-09-29 21:24:01,951 [cloud-reactor-5] call:66 DEBUG c.s.c.c.a.t.ASGroupStatusCheckerTask - [owner:dec04b8c-ce10-48ab-80a1-687f007d4582] [type:springLog] [id:4] [name:instream-hadoop-cluster] Instances in AS group: 5, needed: 6

When i check psql i see:

groupname | instanceid | instancestatus | discoveryfqdn


host_group_slave_1 | ******* || REGISTERED | ******* |

host_group_slave_1 | ******* | REGISTERED | ******* |

host_group_slave_1 | | REQUESTED | |

I don't see anyhting happening in AWS and have verified that i'm not hitting any limits.

Any ideas? Also whats required to stop the logging? (one shown above). Even after changing status in stack table to available it still produces that log. (currently it gets stuck at UPDATE_IN_PROGRESS

postgres=# select name,status from stack;

name | status


instream-hadoop-cluster | UPDATE_IN_PROGRESS


Re: Instance Status stuck in requested

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Hi @mliem,

Cloudbreak creates the necessary resources (e.g network, autoscaling groups etc.) on AWS with the aid of CloudFormation template and the log message what you wrote looks like a quota issue and and Cloudbreak is not able to start enough instances: "Instances in AS group: 5, needed: 6"

May I ask you to double-check the followings on AWS UI:

- status of CF template associated with your cluster, it shall be named as instream-hadoop-cluster-…

- cloudbreak creates also two autoscaling groups with the above mentioned CF template, could you also check the “Activity History" of those autoscaling groups, please?

Kind regards,


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