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Instructions for running Docker version of HDP 2.6.4 confusing


Instructions for running Docker version of HDP 2.6.4 confusing

New Contributor

I am new to the community. Having downloaded the Docker version of HDP 2.6.4 on my Mac (macOS High Sierra 10.13) from your Sandbox Archive, I proceeded as per the instructions provided in the link.

Clicking on the Download button sends down a start-sandbox script, which I launch. The instructions on the link above mention something different ( Further down, there is a mention of sandbox-proxy, which does not seem to apply to version 2.6.4. Is there a mismatch in the instructions?

The docker start sandbox-hdp command has failed to launch Ambari services: after following all instructions and appending the necessary entries to the hosts file, I cannot access Ambari via For someone new (like me), this is extremely time consuming.

I have spent an entire day to land at this page, which provides the secret sauce to restart the services, via Instruction #8:

I shall reproduce the text for those like me who are trying to get the stuff up and running:

8. Start sandbox services The Ambari and HDP services do not start automatically when you start the Docker container. You need to start the processes with a script.

$ ssh -p 2222 root@localhost$ /etc/init.d/startup_script start

Starting an HDP sandbox should not be this tiresome. I request that the instructions be made more pointed for the specific instance.

Either this, or stuff's not working as intended on my machine!


Re: Instructions for running Docker version of HDP 2.6.4 confusing


Hi @Shankar V, thank you for downloading our HDP Sandbox. Our goal is to bring you the latest technology in our Sandboxes and Tutorials. Currently, we are supporting HDP 2.6.5 which comes with the ability to run the latest HDP and HDF sandboxes on the same node (hence the reference to the proxy).

You can find references to our archive tutorials, deployment and install guides by visiting the Hortonworks Tutorials repo on Github. We have various branches you can check out.

Hope this helps.

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