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Insufficient permissions on download nifi template


I am using Nifi 1.0 with LDAP authentication. I was able to create a template but couldn't download it. It showed this message "Unable to perform the desired action due to insufficient permissions. Contact the system administrator".

I have already granted all the polices to myself. What am I missing or can I download the template from the file system? Thanks.



Unfortunately there was a bug in Nifi 1.0 that prevented downloading (templates, flowfile content, etc) when authenticated using LDAP or Kerberos. Please upgrade to Nifi 1.1 or 1.2, that will solve your problem.


Thanks for the quick reply Peter.

Do you know if I temporary remove the LDAP authentication, will I able to download the templates?

I am trying to move the Nifi 1.0 to another server and trying to export and import the process groups. I have installed the latest Nifi on the new server. What is the best migration approach?

Thanks again.

@Wing Lo

You would have to disable SSL and that would automatically disable LDAP. Then yes, you will be able to download the template.

Moving your flow from one version to the next via templates is one migration strategy. If your flow isn't too complicated or large, then this is probably the best solution for you.


Yes, Wing Lo.

Switch it off and you will be able to migrate and download the existing Flows. This is an acceptable workaround here.

As said, will be fixed in Nifi 1.1 or above.



That's good to know. Appreciate for the help.

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