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Insufficient space for shared memory file


Insufficient space for shared memory file

New Contributor

Hello All,


We are using cloudera 5.10


When i am ruining hive quries  i am facing this warning Insufficient space for shared memory file .


After few tries it throws: Exception in thread "main" No space left on device


My Query fails !!


Finally tried to debug , got some intersting things to ask .


The data node in which the query was executing has 


/dev/mapper/vgroot-tmp   100% usage   mounted on /tmp




Where exactly the hive stores the temporary/intermediate data sets when executing?

1) Its in hdfs or edge node 

2) what is /dev/mapper/vgroot-tmp  


Again when it ran on the same node with /dev/mapper/vgroot-tmp   100% usage it ran successfully .



Help Appreciated .