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Integrate NIFI with kerberos and ranger



I have successfully configured cluster for below configuration.

NIFI with SSL and Openldap integrated.

NIFI integrated with Ranger(integrated with OpenLdap)

Checked and verifired, everything works fine.

Now i have to enable kerberos on same cluster, I have MIT KDC installed and successfully enabled kerberos on above cluster and performed the below changes.

1. NIFI authentication changed to kerberos

2. Disable LDAP authentication in ranger

3. Updated Initial Admin identity to one of kerberos principal in NIFI property through ambari.

4. Created Users same as kerberos principal in Ranger.

Restarted Ranger and NIFI and all services came up successfully.

Issue which i am facing now.

1. NIFI not accepting kerberos principal on NIFI UI while authentication gives error as "o.a.n.w.a.c.IllegalArgumentExceptionMapper java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: The supplied username and password are not valid.. Returning Bad Request response"

2. Users.xml and authorize.xml files not created in /var/lib/nifi/conf on all nodes of NIFI cluster.

Kindly help me to troubleshoot the issue, What i did wrong?

- Vijay Mishra