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Intermittent issue with Hive via hue

Intermittent issue with Hive via hue

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I seem to be having an intermittent issue with the hue, hive connection. 


At points in time we have users that can access hue with no issues and at the same time others that get into hue but when they go to hive query the databases pane on the left doesn’t load. It has a spinning circle that sits there for minutes; we have not witnessed it ever loading when it sits for more than a few seconds.


We are wondering if anyone can point us in the right direction to look for the root cause of this issue. 


My current workaround for this issue is to restart hue then restart hive server2.


There are no error stacks in the logs during these time periods in hue or hive server2.


Hue has its own hive server 2.


We are running hue 3.9.0 and can’t upgrade to a newer version at this point in time. 


Please let me know if you have any thoughts. 




Re: Intermittent issue with Hive via hue


Hi are you using  CherryPy server in your enviroment ?

Re: Intermittent issue with Hive via hue

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We have it configured as the following.


# Number of threads used by the CherryPy web server


Also I should mention when this happens we can connect via beeline to thew same hive server with no issues.

Re: Intermittent issue with Hive via hue

Are you able to fetch the metadata through Hive CLI? Any exceptions in the HMS logs?

The only time I have seen something similar was when users had a DB selected that hue hs2 couldn't parse. In my case the started with underscores but that issue was fix by Hue 3.9. Hue also through an error at the client although it goes away quick. I believe that error showed up in the hue logs.