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Introduce a new file system in Livy

Introduce a new file system in Livy

New Contributor

Currently, seems Livy has hardcoded the file path to be hdfs if running against yarn mode according to the following code.


  def filesystemRoot(): String = {
    Configuration cE = new HdfsConfiguration(false);
    sessionKind() match {
      case Process() => "file://"
      case Yarn() => "hdfs://"


We would like to use wasb:// as default but want to make this generic so it can be easily extended to even other FS. We would like to seek advice on how this should be done.


Option 1:

Hadoop has a core-site.xml which lives in the HADOOP_CONF_DIR. It has a deafultFS setting which we can use here.


Option 2:

Introduce a new config value in livy-defaults.conf (say livy.yarn.fs) which points to the default fs to be used. We can default it to hdfs if not configured.


Which is a more preferrable option?