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Invalid Header Encountered error while using NiFi's EncryptContent processor

New Contributor

I am using a public ASCII armored key file generated via the command :



gpg --output PG1ar_en_pub.asc --armor --export ""



In the Nifi Encrypt content processor, I have set up the following configuration:


where the 'Public Key User Id' is in the form: "Realname <email-address>"

On executing my flow, I am getting the below error:


EncryptContent[id=66ef350e-65aa-1cc0-ac66-67ac1ea0bb5e] Cannot encrypt StandardFlowFileRecord[uuid=e7fc0a5a-f30b-4139-8237-7700b98bbdc8,claim=StandardContentClaim [resourceClaim=StandardResourceClaim[id=1619433115884-599196, container=default, section=156], offset=0, length=52],offset=0,name=e7fc0a5a-f30b-4139-8237-7700b98bbdc8,size=52] - : Invalid public keyring - invalid header encountered