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InvokeHTTP doesn't seem to make request

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I have an InvokeHTTP processor that makes a GET that accepts an `author` variable from an incoming flowfile as input. I tested the Remote URL in a browser with an author from one of the input flowfiles, and it returns JSON as expected.

Remote URL: `${author:urlEncode()}/comments/.json?limit=100`

However, InvokeHTTP does not appear to be doing anything with the input (invokehttp.jpg).

Data Provenance shows only DROP and ATTRIBUTES_MODIFIED events. Shouldn't there be FETCH, CLONE, and/or FORK events?

The `author` from the incoming flowfile is in those DROP and ATTRIBUTES_MODIFIED events. The input processor is an EvaluateJsonPath whose only output is the `author` field, and the property name is `author`.

Why isn't InvokeHTTP making the GET requests?

FWIW: I tested hardcoding a username in the Remote URL and disconnecting the input flowfile. That worked and made the request as expected, returning output. So appears there's something wrong with the interacting between the input flowfile and InvokeHTTP.



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I had a similar problem. I have a Nifi cluster of 3 nodes, my problem was that the load was not blancing correctly and the input flowfile was from nodes 2 and 3 and the http was executing only in primary node. 


You need to put the InvokeHTTP in: Scheduling -->Execution--> all nodes

The connection before the InvokeHTTP: Settings --> load Balance Strategy --> Round robin


I don't now if this is your case. Let us know if this helps 🙂 


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