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Is CDSW 1.4 GA?

Is CDSW 1.4 GA?

New Contributor

Looks like 1.4 got released last week (15/06/2018 - part of
However I don’t see the documentation yet at the usual place.
Did I misinterpret that 1.4 is GA? Or are the docs just missing?
If not yet GA, is there a way to look at « pre release » documentation? There is « teasing » of interesting new features, but the fine details are not available.



Re: Is CDSW 1.4 GA?

Cloudera Employee

You are right, Cloudera Enterprise 5.15 is now available. It will have support for CDSW 1.4 when the latter does get released. CDSW 1.4 is not GA yet and as such, it is not possible to release any documentation before that. However, I am hoping that your anticipation will be rewarded soon :)