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Is HDFS Find tool is effective.

Is HDFS Find tool is effective.

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Hello , 

  1. In my HDFS i have lots of documents in various formats . I am doing a File Search with the help of Cloudera's HDFSFindtool . But Is the tool effective . When i deal with tera bytes of data , ll it be effective ? .
  2. I need to make role based authentications in the HDFS , How to achieve this ? for ex . if user1 have been given ownership to a folder only he must be able to access it not any other user. 
  3. Can HDFSFindtool too work based on User roles ?





Re: Is HDFS Find tool is effective.


1. Yes, it is effective, You can run it over large data sets ( I don't think it actually reads data, just metadata)

2. For you particular case you can use, hadoop fs -chmod 700 <path> which will set the access only to user and hdfs user

3. I haven't tested this case, I always run it as hdfs user

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