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Is Ranger is the right approach for Hive security?why?

New Contributor

Yes, Ranger provides a centralized policy management approach to define authorization policies for hive resources. Moreover it provides column masking and row filtering features.

If you could elaborate your requirement that would be helpful.

New Contributor

Persently we are using plain apache Hue and Hive doesn't have they asked me how you will do the security.i suggested Apache ranger.But they asked why it suitable for us?is there any other tool we can use instead Ranger?


This may help you:

Ranger provides more granular access control at column level where as SQL standard authorization provides grant/revoke functionality at database, table level.

New Contributor

Thanq verymuch Ekantheshwara.Can you plz let me know is there any alternative instead Apache Ranger.Is there any advantages and disadvantages? so what is best option for hive security?is it Apache ranger or any other, why?can you please provide any doc it will help for me.Am very much thankful to you.


@m b

The "best option" depends on your requirement. If you dont need column level security, centralized administration of security policies then you can opt for just SQL Standard authorization. Make a list of your requirements first and then compare your options to decide which one suits your requirements best.

If you are using Cloudera, you have other options like Sentry and RecordService:

There is no single document to help you make this decision. You will have to gather your requirements and then compare the feature-list of all your options to decide which one is best for your requirements.

I hope this helps.