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Is it possible for a user to access to the File View on Ambari without having read permissions in "/" (root folder)?

New Contributor

@Francisco Ramon Malpica

Yes, it is possible to access hdfs as the logged in user. Then depending on the logged in user hdfs authorization will decide if user is allowed write permissions to root folder.

What value do you have in the File View configuration for WebHDFS Username?

Please review the settings described here:


New Contributor

Sorry, my fault. I wanted to say without read permission.

The value that I have in the file view configuration for WebHDFS is: ${username}

By default, the path to start the view file explorer is "/". I would like to know if it can be for example "/user/fran" instead of "/" In this example the username is fran. This user have not permisson to read in "/" but if It have permisson to Execute.

Thanks for you response