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Is it possible to execute multiple SQL statements separated by comma using Hive JDBC drivers?

New Contributor

When we try to run multiple SQL statements separated with comma, HIVE JDBC drivers are giving error as

"Executed as Single statement. Failed [40000 : 42000] Error while compiling statement: FAILED: ParseException line 1:41 extraneous input ';' expecting EOF near '<EOF>' ". Is there any feature plan from hartonworks to support to run multiple SQL statetements seperated by comma.



Any news on this?  Any way through Hive JDBC/ODBC driver - support to execute multiple SQL Statements.

Expert Contributor

There are 2 things forground thread and background thread.


Foreground thread is used for parsing/complilation.The hive.server2.async.exec.threads determine how many concurrent threads can Hiveserver2 handle,it defaults to 500.


Background thread comes after compliation/parsing phase,where it runs Tez jobs. This depends on number of Tez AM .

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