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Is it possible to install HDP on a private network not connected to internet?

New Contributor

Working on a project and creating a Hadoop cluster for my summer internship and most guides need internet. my project is in a closed environment. I've been doing a manual install of Hadoop from Apache Hadoop website because I can download the Hadoop software and pre-reqs and transfer via USB. is it possible to do it with HDP tutorials?


Yes, you can install HDP using a local repository either via the Ambari install or even a pure CLI install.

Or for the CLI install;

New Contributor

Thank you so much for responding. I have another question. I was able to successfully set up a 7 node cluster with HDFS/yarn working properly doing a manual install from Apache Hadoop website. Would there be any problems if I followed these guides? as I am interested in having a running Hadoop with Ambari instead of the non gui way.