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Is it possible to merge Json files generated from mergecontent output?


My Flow is something like this Flow file( In Json format)--> Split Json--> Merge Content(Bin Age-10 min) --> Update attribute--> PutHDFS. Since i have 2 node cluster, my output of Merge content is always 2 files. Can i merge into one file? The reason Why i want to do it is , The output of PUT HDFS is connected to --> Replace Text( that replaces flow file with hive query) --> PutHHiveQL. My issue is the output of merge content comes out with 1 min apart. so, I have 2 same queries running at the same time generating duplicate data, If I expire one flow file, the query doesn't gather information from the second flow file.If i cannot merge into one file, Is there a possibility to add **wait** until both the flow files reaches the que for replace text and one query generated to run puthiveql? Your help is highly appreciated.. Thanks in advance Sudheer