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Is it possible to monitor non hadoop servers with Ambari?


I am trying to find a way to monitor non-hadoop servers using Ambari. The goal is to use the Ambari dashboard as a centralized place to view metrics across our hadoop cluster and non-hadoop servers. Some examples of the non-hadoop servers are JBOSS app servers, Red Hat OpenShift, ActiveMQ, etc. I have explored adding various management packs, but they force Ambari to install the server before allowing it to be managed.

Can this be achieved with Ambari Metrics System, or some other tool?

@Nasheb Ismaily



@Greg Porter

For a server to be managed by Ambari the metrics are sent back using Ambari-agents which should run on the server to be monitored hence, there is no way you can enable Ambari monitoring without the agents.

I have been monitoring servers using Nagios which is a great tool it has about 50 Nagios Core Plugins that could fit your use and additional add-ons that extend Nagios Core functionality.


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