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Is it true that Ambari 2.5 is not supported on RedHat?



I'm currently building a HDP 2.6 cluster on AWS with Ambari 2.5, just to learn the ropes. I didn't think twice about choosing RedHat 7 for my nodes. HDP 2.6 is supported on RedHat 7 alright, but now I read that Ambari 2.5 isn't.

Is that support underway?

By the way, Ambari server 2.5 doesn't seem to have a problem yet, but when installing the Ambari client it looks for Python 2.6 and RedHat 7.3 on AWS has Python 2.7.



CentOS and Red Hat have the same code base, so CentOS v7.x support implies that RHEL is supported as well.

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@Marcel-Jan Krijgsman

The following link talks about the Operating Systems that are tested and certified with Ambari 2.5:

Looks like Red Hat is missing from the list. I will double check it internally.

Although the same document has the "Software Requirement" section where it is mentioned that Python 2.7 is Supported. So ideally you should not be having any issue with that.

Can you please check which python is set as default and also can you please share the few lines from ambari output where you see that it is using 2.6 python?

# which python

# python --version
Python 2.7


Sorry for the late reaction. I missed your reactions. I'm sure RedHat 7.3 has Python 2.7 and I've tried it: it's the default. I don't have the cluster anymore at this moment. I switched to Ubuntu Server 16.04, because it was in all the support matrices. I might check that later when I build a new cluster with RedHat 7.3.


I've seen the documentation has been updated to include RedHat 7 up to 7.2.