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Is that possible to use HDP with greenplum?


We are currently using pivotal HD PHD 3.0. looking for upgrade into HDP version from PHD 3.0.

Questions :

1) How do Upgrade PHD 3.0 to HDP 2.5 version.

2) Is that Possible to use HDP cluster with Pivotal Greenplum (gpdb) cluster ? / if Possible, What are the steps to use HDP /gpdb .

3) what are the possible way of migration HDP instead of PHD 3.0. recently , we are using PHD -HAWQ . if we need to migrate into HDP-HAWQ . what are the functional steps for it.

Also we are searching a way to migrate PHD-HAWQ data into hdp-hawq ?


Any help on it would bemuch appreciated ?



Please consider engaging with Hortonworks professional services who's done such engagements already. in terms of green plum support, it is supported via external tables and currently HDP 2.1-2.3 are fully supported.

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