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Is there a - complete - Devops / administration Guide for Atlas?


While searching the Atlas documentation and regarding the tiny but helpfull! troubleshooting guide from Hari

Atas is a complex application and im looking for a DevOps or admin Guide, which should exist to troubleshoot the whole data chain from Atlas over Kafka to Ranger with their Components which are involved (Hbase,etc.) to answer my specific question:

What happend when, where and how, if Atlas created a TAG and Ranger is - not - picking it up.

The current documentation is marginal at best.

Im using HDP 2.5.3 and Atlas 0.7.0 (If that is broken per default, i'll move on, no probs)

Thanks very much,

Best Regards,



Expert Contributor

Unfortunately, I don't think we have one place with all the troubleshooting tips.

Atlas & Ranger use the Kafka to integrate. I would look at Kafka queue to see if messages are getting published by Atlas. Also, check Ranger logs to see if you see any errors.

Have you looked at this tutorial?

It will help if you could describe your environment.


Thanks for the Headsup, i used that tutorial extensivly 🙂

But i might have found the reason. Colleages of mine secured Kafka behind Kerberos.

Soo, can you elaborate what this could mean for Atlas? Is Atlas capable of talking to a kerberized Kafka? And if so, do you know which atlas configuration settings might be involved to "turn on" kerberos-taking to Kafka?

Thank you,



New Contributor

Hey Normen Zoch,

Here is your guide on DevOps Troubleshooting.



DevOps Solutions Engineer at Cuelogic

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