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Is there a free cloud service with some CDH or CDP already installed?

New Contributor

Hello to all.
I have to do a course on HDFS, Hive, Impala, Kafka, Spark and Cloudera Manager for 12 recent graduates who will have to work on big data.
We cannot use our labs because they are closed for coronaviruses.
The budget is very limited so I ask the community if they can show me a free cloud service (even with a single node) that can be used for this course by the teacher and the students?
Or any other ideas?
Thank you very much!



Expert Contributor

Hi @adv52C 


Currently, there isn't a free pre-built cloud-based Cloudera environment that you can just log into and get going. We are working on building a service like that but we don't have it right now.


Unfortunately, you would have to build a Cloudera environment from scratch in your chosen public cloud provider. This isn't that difficult to do assuming that you already have a cloud environment pre-configured and ready to deploy into.




New Contributor

Hi @StevenOD thanks for the reply.
I think I will first create a CDP environment locally in a virtual machine and then distribute to another (always virtual) host to have at least two machines.



Hi @adv52C .

yet there is no CDH or CDP hadoop Cluster available but you can use as trial from below link-





New Contributor

Hi @HadoopHelp thanks for the reply.
I quickly looked at and saw that there are free courses that could solve part of my problem.
Being the teacher I have to understand how to coordinate the students and support them. I have to try.


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