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Is there a way in Nifi to ingest traffic flow from firewalls.

Is there a processor in Nifi that can be used to ingest traffic flow pattern /traffic flow from network firewalls to dump it into hdfs ? I am looking for something similar to user analytic explained here with the output being a bar graph for traffic from various countries. The firewalls can send the syslog but the listensyslog processor is unable to process the flow pattern.Is there a way this can be achieved?


Can you clarify what you mean by "the ListenSyslog processor is unable to process the flow pattern"? The Syslog pattern is defined in RFC 5424 and 3164, and the ListenSyslog processor conforms to that pattern. If the incoming messages are not in a valid syntax or there is a bug in the ListenSyslog processor, please report that, but you can also use the data massaging capabilities of NiFi to transform that data into parsable values, either with ReplaceText or ExecuteScript.