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Is there a way to add new configuration In Cloudera Manager.

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I am ready to configure a securing hadoop cluster with CDH4. I follow this instructions
and modify/add the settings in core-site.xml and hdfs-site.xml with the backend shell terminal. I found these changes have no take effect when I login in the Cloudera Manager. I think modify/add the settings in core-site.xml and hdfs-site.xml must be through the Cloudera Manager and take effect. But there is a problem that I can't found the functionality to add new setting in Cloudera Manager. Take the dfs.block.access.token.enable setting for example, I don't know how to add this new setting. Please help me if anyone know, thank you very much


Hi Myron,


You should use the Cloudera Manager guide for security, available here:


In general, when using Cloudera Manager, you should not try to modify XML files directly. Configuration is managed by Cloudera Manager, which will help ensure that all hosts have consistent configuration and legal values.