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Is there any way to create own kafka producer,consumer and kafka brokers performance metrics and pass the logs into Elasticsearch

Rising Star

I am aware of Ambari has all hadoop system performance metrices and dashboards in Grafana . But I looking to construct my own kafka producers,kafka consumers and kafka brokers metrics in Kibana so i have to log the system performance logs into Elasticsearch.So how can we approach this idea to start it? I know something like Mbean which has the system stats values ..Using Mbeans can we create metrics of the kafka brokers,producers and consumers



Hello @Adhishankar Nanjundan ,

just an architectural idea for your approach.

What about putting all your metrics in one dedicated topic itself, then use Kafka-Connect to insert data from that topic into using Kafka-Connect ElasticSearch sink ?!?!

Regards, Gerd

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