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Is there any way to get the list of user who submited the job to specific queue ?


- Is there any way using which we can get the list of user who submitted the Job in the specific queue?

Eg :

1) If I am having queue as 'myQueue' then List all user who submitted the Job to 'myQueue'

2) List all user who submitted the specific type of Job : eg List all user who submitted only Hive Job in 'myQueue'.


Hi @Pankaj Degave - does your cluster maybe have SmartSense and the Activity Explorer installed? The Activity Explorer dashboard might give you some input into this information. You can check out how those queries are built and create your own ones to get the lists you ask for. You need to have the Activity Analyzer installed and running in order to have access to this info, because this process scrapes Ambari Metrics data and puts it into a nice format for you to query.

Activity Explorer MR/Tez dashboard example:


Click show/hide the code to see how the query is constructed and do some SQL to get the output you want.


The other thing you can do is query Ambari Metrics using the Phoenix command line to get some of the information, but it may not be formatted as nicely. There's a nice article here from @jss explaining how to do that.