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Is there putElasticsearch for ElasticSearch 6

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We had a working flow with putElasticsearch5 to put data to ES 5.6.
We now switched to ES 6.1.3 and the flow stopped working. Since putElasticSearch5 processor uses transport API I assume it's due to changes in ES6.
Is my only option would be to use putElasticsearchHTTP (which is slower), or a putElasticsearch6 or whatever exists somewhere that I could try ?

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I am looking for this answer as well. @Matt Burgess do you have any input on using the new ES6?

Hello @ANDREJ KUZMIN You'll want to look at PutElasticSearchRecord which allows for a nice microbatching/higher efficiency path.

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@jwitt, thank you. What NiFi version you are referring ? We are running 1.4.0 and I only see PutElasticsearchHttpRecord, which is still Http